I believe in sending unexpected, hand-written notes in the mail to the people I love.   

I believe in taking advice from my cat. Bask in the sun. Climb to the top. Pounce on possibilities. 

I believe in overdressing in elegance from an earlier time. Pearls and lace are the perfect compliment. 

I believe the hardest thing in life is letting go. Hot yoga is my Zen. 
I prefer salty foods over sweets. Anything pickle flavored. 

The serenity and charm of a small town makes me feel at home. Ma and Pa shops are the hidden treasures. 

I believe getting dirty is a sign of living life. Even in the nicest of clothes. 

I believe Fear Factor should be your everyday life. Jump and eat guts. 

I found my Grandfather’s old pun book and it is among one of my most prized possessions. One in a melon. 

I believe holding hands never grows old and the heart has no wrinkles.


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