my beliefs

-I believe in sending unexpected, hand-written notes in the mail to the people I love.   

-I believe in taking advice from my cat. Bask in the sun. Climb to the top. Pounce on possibilities. 

-I believe in overdressing in elegance from an earlier time. Pearls and lace are the perfect compliment. 

-I believe the hardest thing in life is letting go. Hot yoga is my Zen. 

-I prefer salty foods over sweets. Anything pickle flavored. 

-The serenity and charm of a small town makes me feel at home. Ma and Pa shops are the hidden treasures. 

-I believe getting dirty is a sign of living life. Even in the nicest of clothes. 

-I believe Fear Factor should be your everyday life. Jump and eat guts. 

-I found my Grandfather’s old pun book and it is among one of my most prized possessions. One in a melon. 

-I believe holding hands never grows old and the heart has no wrinkles.

My husband, Tucker, and I have been married for 10 years and we have two little girls, Tinley and Sage. 

Interesting facts about me

My college sweetheart and I have been together for 16 years and married for 10 years. 

We met on a blind date!

love of my life

Being a MAMA!

Tinley - 3.5 years old
Sage - 22 months

my greatest work

Quality Time
Sentimental Gifts 

love language

Type 2 
Wing 3


Pistacio or Butter Pecan 
*Only in a waffle cone

Favorite ice cream

Extra Dirty Martini 
w/ Blue Cheese Olives

drink of choice

This Is Us

favorite show

Tater Tots
and Reality TV

guilty pleasures

Lauren Daigle 
Taylor Swift

listening to

DIY House 
Art Projects


Slow Morning Sipping Coffee
Exploring the outdoors with my family

weekend plans

I want you to remember how your wedding day feels. 

I knew early on I as always meant to be a storyteller with a camera in hand. Eleven years later, I still can't get enough of each love story I photograph. My favorite part of your wedding day is the sweet, intimate moments you share with the one whom your soul was meant for all this time. 

I'm sentimental,
a romantic,
a little bit sarcastic
and in it wholeheartedly for you.  

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