I haven’t been back to the Arizona desert since I was a little girl. I would go down to visit my grandparents in the summers! My brother and I would escape the hot desert heat by playing in the pool every day. But, let me tell you something about Arizona and the desert…it is absolutely […]


September 28, 2017

Kelli + Nathan


Tropical Storms. Hurricanes. These words are not in my vocabulary because I am blessed to live in land locked state. Of course Colorado has our own natural disasters, but I have no idea what it is like to experience a hurricane. Absolutely.No.Idea. A lot of natural disasters are affecting our country! So many people are […]


September 19, 2017

Alex + Sanchez


Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to Taylor and Eric! One of my favorite, favorite couples! They were married 2 years ago on the 14th of September at the ever so gorgeous Manor House. The Manor House is one of my favorite venues! It’s historic, elegant, charming, vintage and romantic! They were married on a MONDAY! Yes, a […]


September 14, 2017

Taylor + Eric


So I can FINALLY say that 3 of my favorite clients are now all PREGNANT!! YES, THREE!! And they are all due within just a few short weeks of each other. It’s so amazing to see their love flourish on their wedding day and continue to grow into a family! That’s why I love having […]


September 12, 2017

Amanda + Dylan


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