Taylor + Eric

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to Taylor and Eric! One of my favorite, favorite couples!

They were married 2 years ago on the 14th of September at the ever so gorgeous Manor House. The Manor House is one of my favorite venues! It’s historic, elegant, charming, vintage and romantic!

They were married on a MONDAY! Yes, a MONDAY! And I loved everything about it. They picked September 14th, because well they both share the SAME birthday! How crazy is that?! The bride and groom were born on May 14. So, to them it only seemed fitting that they getting married on the 14th.

I have so many favorite memories from their wedding day! I love reminiscing from an earlier time! And looking back on something so sentimental, it makes my heart melt.

I love when brides have first looks not only with their husbands-to-be, but with their DAD as well! I’m such a huge daddy’s girl and it was really important for me to have a first look with my dad at my wedding. When my dad saw me for the first time, we both cried and it was the most beautiful moment I have shared with him. I encourage my brides to have first looks with their dad, if they have a close relationship with them. I mean, you are and always will be your daddy’s little girl. It’s hard for them to see you grow up so fast and then fall in love with the man of your dreams because he was the first man in your life that you loved first. That’s why this moment is so special and so important!

And I also love how much Mother’s love their sons on their wedding day!! It’s huge when they love their new daughter-in-law just as much! Angie shared such sweet moments with her son right before he walked down the aisle. They share an incredible bond and it was beautiful to witness.

I’ve never seen a ceremony like this until Taylor and Eric’s wedding day. Taylor held her daddy’s hand as he walked her down the aisle. Most brides hold onto the upper part of the arm as their dad’s hold it perpendicular to their body. Seeing them hold hands brought tears to my eyes! And the sweet, tender looks they exchanged during their walk tugged at my heart. They also had their officiant stand off to one side by the groomsmen. That way the audience was always looking forward, paying attention to the bride and groom, while the ceremony was being narrated in a way, like a story. It was beautiful! And then when they shared their first kiss and husband and wife, the officiant wasn’t standing directly behind them and in the way of a precious moment. It was a beautiful idea!

And, they killed their first dance! They were so into each other and he lifted her up and twirled her around. Everyone had their jaw dropped because it was something out of Dirty Dancing. And to top the evening off, they had a PIE bar!

Here are some of my absolute favorites from their wedding day!


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