Taylor + Eric

  1. Anna says:

    Beautiful! Happy Anniversary guys! It’s always so fun to reminisce from our clients’ special memories <3

  2. Jamie says:

    Love the color palette of their wedding and her dress!!! Beautiful detail photos that you got 🙂

  3. Cara says:

    Awww happy anniversary to them! These images are so beautiful and delicate. Such a sweet day and you captured it perfectly!

  4. Justyna says:

    Such a beautiful experience! You have captured true timeless details! Beautiful!

  5. Belinda says:

    This are so beautiful! I just love them.

  6. Melissa says:

    Ah I love the Manor House! Happy anniversary for the lucky couple, must be amazing to relive their wedding day with such beautiful photography!

  7. Jamie Kraus says:

    Oh, how beautiful! I hope they’ve had an incredible two years. I love that they picked a date that meant something to them!

  8. Adena says:

    What a gorgeous day! You did an amazing job capturing their wedding. AND THOSE DETAILS! Love!

  9. Julie says:

    Really beautiful. Love all the details and the way you described the flow of their day. Just lovely- every last bit. And what a beautiful bride.

  10. rschrepel says:

    Thank you Julie!! Appreciate it!!

  11. rschrepel says:

    Thank you Adena!! I seriously love all of their details!!

  12. rschrepel says:

    It was such a sweet and sentimental date to them!! Thank you!!

  13. rschrepel says:

    Thank you Melissa!! Appreciate it!!

  14. rschrepel says:

    Than you Belinda!!

  15. rschrepel says:

    Thank you Justyna!! I loved her details soo much!! One of my favorites!!

  16. rschrepel says:

    Thank you Cara! Appreciate your sweet comments!!

  17. rschrepel says:

    I seriously wanted to try her dress on!! haha And thank you very much!!

  18. rschrepel says:

    It is sooo fun to reminisce!!