3 Ways I Love and Serve My Clients

  1. Beautiful- you are so committed and have the talent to show for it! Love these detail shots.

  2. Oh congrats on becoming a full time photographer. Your work is worth it. I love all that you list you do as a colorado wedding photographer!

  3. Redden Wood says:


    I love it all – I was just thinking about this! It’s so important to love our clients and do everything we can to serve them – this is the best day of their lives and they deserve nothing less! Keep it up lady!

  4. rschrepel says:

    Thank you so much Chelsea!! Appreciate your beautiful words to me!!

  5. rschrepel says:

    Thank you Whitney!! Thank you for telling me my work is worth it!!

  6. rschrepel says:

    Hi Redden!! Thank you soooooo much!! Thank you for the encouragement!!

  7. Danica says:

    You nailed it!! This is so so important. Probably the most important thing! Would you say that this was the biggest key to growing your wedding business in Colorado or were there other ways that you marketed to get your name out there that you were now a photographer and open for business?

  8. rschrepel says:

    Awe wow!! Thank you!! I totally agree on it being the most important thing! Loving and serving well in all areas of your life!! I would say this is a very important key to growing any business!! Relationships are the most important thing in business. And then how does each business work on their relationships! Mine are all personal, and I strive to make sure my clients feel loved and served well! Then they are likely to refer you to other important people in your life! And that’s how you grown, based on the personal relationships you grown and cultivate!

  9. Allie Moore says:

    Great business practices, I admire your commitment to your clients!

  10. rschrepel says:

    Thank you Allie!! Love this so much!!

  11. Congratulations on going full time! That’s amazing to hear. Keep on treating clients like family and with a genuine heart <3 . I can't wait to see what the future holds for you.